Facts and Figures

Operator City of Sendai
System Type Subway
Year Opened 1987
# of Lines 2
# of Cars  
Mileage 28.7 km
Gauge N: 1067mm
T: 1435 mm
Stations 30
Power Overhead
Fare Media Farecards
Website Website
Data Date 2016
1st Visit 8/2015
Last Visit 8/2015
% Rode 55%
Asian Transit > Japan

Sendai, Japan

I just got to Sendai in 2015, just months before the opening of its new Tozai Subway line. But I did get to ride Namboku subway line which opened in 1987.

The Namboku line runs north south (which is what Namboku translates to). The Tozai line runs east-west (again its in the name). Both lines run 4-car trains, but the Tozai line cars use LIM (Linear-Induction-Motors) and thus have a smaller profile then the original Namboku trains. Which is interesting since the Namboku line runs on Japanese narrow-gauge (3'6") and the Tozai line runs on standard guage (4'8.5"). But you need wider gauge for the LIM rail between the the running rails.

So no photos of the Tozai line, but please enjoy my visit to the Namboku Line, Stations are in North to south order for the Namboku Line:

New Station Line Served # of photos # new
  Izumi Chuo N 7  
  Kuromatsu N 6  
  Asahigaoka N 14  
  Sendai N, T 14  
  Tomizawa N 10  
  Interiors N 2  
  Buses 2

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