Facts and Figures

System Type Tram
Year Opened 1948
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 12.8km
Gauge 1067mm
Power Overhead
Fare Media Cash
Data Date 2009
1st Visit 4/1998
Last Visit 12/2008
% Rode 15%

Asian Transit > Japan

tak-lr01.jpg (34276 bytes)


Takaoka is a small city along the Sea of Japan about 20 minutes away by train from Toyama. The tram system contains one line linking the city's train station with a ferry to Russia. The line was upgraded around 2007 with some new station platforms and a few new low-floor trams. 

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tak-lr01.jpg (34276 bytes)This car is a small line is in the small city of Takaoka. It is a single track line with passing sidings with service every 15 minutes. The location is in front of the Takaoka JR Train Station. (4/98) tak-lr02.jpg (41800 bytes)The car has left the JR Station heading through town on this quiet single track line. (4/98)
takaoka-lr05.jpg (47333 bytes)Car seen curving away from the station. (4/98) New Lo-Floor car at Takaoka Train station (12/17/08)
Tram station, with the JR Takaoka station in the background (12/17/08) Older tram heading towards the train station along the main street. (12/17/08)
Outbound car, 5 minutes from the train station. (12/17/08) In bound car about 3 minutes from the train station.. (12/17/08)
First station from the train station, recently upgraded. (12/17/08) More typical narrow station platform (12/17/08)

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