Rotterdam Trams

Facts and Figures

Operator RET
System Type Tram
Year Opened
# of Lines 9
# of Cars 145
Gauge Std
Stations 43
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tkts
Data Date 1990
1st Visit 11/99
Last Visit 11/99
% Rode 0%

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rot-lr05.jpg (32147 bytes)
Rotterdam Tram

Rotterdam maintains a mid-size traditional tram network that spreads throughout the city.

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rot-lr01.jpg (19802 bytes)A tram is entering the Centraal Station Transit complex. (11/99 video.) rot-lr02.jpg (19461 bytes)Two trams are visible at the busy Centraal Station Terminal (11/99 video.)
rot-lr05.jpg (32147 bytes)This tram is loading passengers at Centraal Station (11/99)