Facts and Figures

Operator DTW
System Type People Mover
Year Opened 2002
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 2
Mileage 3600 ft
Gauge N/A
Stations 3
Power Cable
Fare Media None
Data Date 2002
1st Visit 4/02
Last Visit 7/02
% Rode 100%

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Detroit Transit

dtw-pm-air-040902-04.jpg (396499 bytes)

Airport "Tram"

Detroit now has 2 people movers, one downtown, the other at the new airport terminal I have only been to the airport. Here is trivia:

Two trains, each carrys 200 passengers. It runs the full length, 3,600 feet, of Concourse A, with a stop at the Central Terminal and a stop at each end. It can handle 4,000 passengers per hour, 30 second dwell at stops, 1 minute travel time between stops, 2 ½ minutes end to end. It functions as horizontal elevator with cables, Travels on air cushion, very quiet

As far as the city of Detroit, a modern Streetcar that runs along Woodward Ave.

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dtw-pm-air-040902-01.jpg (360589 bytes)Tram on the south end of the terminal. (4/9/02) dtw-pm-air-040902-04.jpg (396499 bytes)North end of the terminal. (4/9/02)
dtw-pm-air-040902-06.jpg (395070 bytes)View from the concourse level. (4/9/02) dtw-pm-air-040902-07.jpg (377028 bytes)Central terminal station. (4/9/02)
dtw-pm-air-040902-09.jpg (324014 bytes)Looking from the rear of the train leaving the central station. (4/9/02) dtw-pm-air-040902-10.jpg (334368 bytes)This is the guideway where is splits for the central station. (4/9/02)
dtw-pm-air-102804-02.jpg (63781 bytes)View from concourse level (10/28/04) dtw-pm-air-102804-09.jpg (61385 bytes)Evening view (10/28/04)
dtw-pm-air-102804-07.jpg (56964 bytes)View of central station from the NWA WorldClub. (10/28/04)

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