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wtc03.jpg (38647 bytes)This section of Ktransit is a tribute to the families and heroes of the tragedy that befell New York City on September 11th 2001. I may live in Oregon, but I was born raised in NYC, later in the nearby town of Nyack, NY. I  will always consider myself a New Yorker, specifically a Brooklynite.

Over the years, whenever I visit New York City I would usually stop at the World Trade Center. Most of the time I was there to ride the PATH trains to/from NJ. I liked the newspaper stands in the shopping arcade, magazines and newspapers from all over. I mostly enjoyed people watching. I loved getting there by 11:15 am on weekdays. At that time he shopping area was relatively empty. By 11:30 business would pick up. Between 11:45 and 12:15 the place would be packed with people searching for a place to eat lunch. 

A great memory from the WTC is that my third and first kiss date with my wife was to the top of the World Trade Center back in 1987.

I was at the WTC just 2 weeks and one day before the attack. I was on vacation visiting relatives and doing railfanning in the area. I did get some photos of the skyline from NJ before I left. I only regret that I did not go to the top that day. The following pages are photos I have taken over the years, before and after 9/11/2001 of the WTC.... 

We hope you will enjoy these photos, click any to enlarge.

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viewfromjerseycity082401-1.jpg (136667 bytes)

This panoramic view was done by stitching several photos together. It was taken on Friday, August 24th at about 4:30 pm. It was taken from the boardwalk at the foot of Exchange Place in Jersey City NJ. You can barely make out the Empire State Building on the left and the Verrazano Bridge (between Brooklyn and Staten Island) on the right. Be forewarned, this is a large photo to enlarge, but may be worth it!

nyc-nowtc-skylineVIEW-120701-01.jpg (84968 bytes)

Same view from the same location, however the weather did not cooperate, it was a very overcast day on Friday December 7, 2001. Besides the weather, the differences are the Hyatt hotel has gone up on the NJ pier to the left, Ferries are in operation from this location to lower Manhattan, and of course the Trade Center is missing.

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