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Kavanagh Transit

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Kavanagh Transit Favorite Links

Websites listed on this page I visit relatively regularly and enjoy. You will find a heavy emphasis on rapid transit sites. I have included railfan as well as official transit agencies which I really like. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Please enjoy

If you would like to add a Site, please fill out my Feedback Form

Kavanagh Transit Favorites

Icon Website Comments
Blickpunkt Straßenbahn A site with a lot of transit photos from Germany and the rest of the world
Clive's London Underground  A great site with a line by line history about the underground and other transit in London..
Dave's Train Pictures Lots of railroad and traction photos from the past and present!
Forgotten NY  A site with lots of photos of old NY, including subways!
The JoeKorNor By Joe Korman, fantastic web site on NY Subway
Japanese Railway Society   A UK Group that likes Japan Railways, with a quarterly newsletter (I am the US Representative)
Lew's Tube Mk II A Great and fun site on the London Underground
Light Rail.com Want to know more about Light Rail? Lots of photos!
Light Rail Transit Association  The official web site for this British based organization on the promotion of urban transit.
UrbanRail.net A wonderful site for the metro fan. A lot of information, maps and photos from many metro systems by Robert Schwandl.
MUNI Central Control A real time dispatcher display of San Francisco MUNI Metro within the Market St. Subway. This is fun to watch during rush hours!
Nagoya City Subway A great subway fan site with detailed information about the Nagoya Subway in English!
The New 'New' Electric Railway Journal This website is what is left of this once great traction/advocate magazine. Maybe they will publish again?
NYC Roads.com I know this is not rail based, but roads are a form of transit, and this is a GREAT site giving the history of NY area roads and bridges!
NYC Subway.org The Transit Fan web site with the emphasis on NY Subway (what else!) MUST SEE!
OLDNYC.COM A great site on New York City.
Portland's light rail system-virtual tour  This is a new site featuring a station by station tour of the Portland MAX Light Rail System
Portland Transit.org This is a great site feature transit in Portland Oregon!
The Subway Page by Robert Reynolds. This is the place to go to get transit maps!
Subways.net Dan has put together a great site about subways!
Tokyo Train Tour This is a great but small site with great photos of Tokyo's trains. I learned a lot of history from this great site!!
Transit Rider.Com This site has wonderful transit photos and information for cities on the west coast.
Transit Toronto Everything you wanted to know about Transit in Toronto.
Transit Vehicles of Berlin This informative site gives an over view of all the equipment operating on Berlin's, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and tramways!
Trolley Cars Dot Com The name says it all
Underground Stations in Germany This site has photographs of underground stations including U-Bahn & S-Bahn from many Germany cities. A very unique site!

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Kavanagh Transit

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