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Updated August 2022

New York Subway

New York City Subway

Rapid Transit is my favorite form of transportation. I grew up in New York City, a city known for its vast subway and commuter rail system.  This is where my fascination for rail transit began. 

I truly enjoy subway and metro systems, they are closely followed by light rail, streetcars and electrified commuter operations.  On this website you will find photos of all these transportation modes and more.  

Tokyo Metro

Vienna U-Bahn

Please keep in mind that this website only represents cities that I have visited and photographed. I have been to many places, but there are so many more cities that I have missed.


Largest sections on ktransit (>400 photos)
Chicago, IL  Dresden, Germany  London, UK
 New York, NY  Paris, FR Portland, OR
Salt Lake City, UT San Francisco, CA  Seattle, WA
  Tokyo, Japan  


Mid-size sections on ktransit (100-399 photos)
Boston, MA  Copenhagen, DK Denver, CO
 Dallas, TX  Dublin, IR Geneva, SW
Hong Kong  Houston, TX Kyoto, JP
Los Angeles, CA Lyon, FR Melbourne, AU
Memphis, TN Miami, FL Newark, NJ
Orlando, FL Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ
 Prague, CZ St Louis, MO San Diego, CA 
San Jose, CA Shanghai, CH Singapore
Stockholm, SW Strasbourg, FR Sydney, AU 
Vancouver, BC Vienna, AT Washington DC

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